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Importance of Seedless Lemon

In Category of Sour Fruits, Lemon has a special position
It is grown almost all over India.

Area: In India Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat Lemon is commercially cultivated. As per census 2010 — 2011 in Gujarat 4.09-ton Lemon was produced from 39 hectares. Mehsana, Anand, Baroda, Kheda, Gandhinagar, Sabarkantha & Kutch are the prime areas of Lemon cultivation in Gujarat. Temperature — Land: Uniform Cold & Hot weather are most suited to Lemon crop. In heavy rainfall areas infestation of pest disease increases. Hence in Gujarat except Valsad & Dang, all areas are suitable for Lemon cultivation.

Varieties of Lemon in Gujarat

(1) Kagdi Lemon

(2) Rangpur Lemon

  • Planting :

    By seeds but best results by healthy seedlings.

  • Maturing :

    Separate Schedule given.

  • Inter Cropping :

    In above varieties it can be done for 2 —3 years.

SPECIALTY of Seedless Lemon:

1)  This is seedless variety.
2)  This Lemon tree gives fruits throughout the year.
3)  Production Capacity of this variety is better than others.
4)  This Variety has longest shelf life.
5)  This Variety is Better Priced.
6)  In comparison to other varieties fruits of this variety are bigger & more attractive.
7)  These fruit trees are found loaded with cluster of fruits.

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